The Big Project: Design Your Home

By far, the most common objective is the desire for more space. More often than not, this is driven by a function that your home cannot fulfil satisfactorily. If this is your key objective, try to distil exactly how you would use the space. You might be struggling in a small kitchen, or be expecting a child and need an extra bedroom. You might want extra space in order to work from home, or need somewhere for guests to stay.

Even if your home is big enough, it may well be that you can improve the space to suit your lifestyle. Perhaps the circulation is poor or you feel cut off from the family when in the kitchen, that's why I can suggest choosing custom made sliding doors to divide the space whenever you want. You might want to improve the view of the garden or bring in more natural light. As the way we live changes, the way our homes are arranged can become outmoded; it is now common to want a computer and work space in the heart of the home something live bespoke study furniture, especially if the whole family need to use it.

The huge growth in property prices over the past decade has meant that our homes are the backbone of financial stability for most of us. The desire to climb the property ladder by improving a home and moving on is widespread. The recent credit crunch has cast doubt over such enterprise, but so many people still have so much money tied up in their homes that property will continue to hold value. Today, more and more people are planning to stay in their property and are keen to know that any money they spend on their home will increase the value by at least as much as the improvements have cost. If this is a main motivator for your project, it is good to identify it now, as it will shape many of the decisions to come.