Reasons To Build a Custom Home Rather Than Buy One

Aside from the obvious reason of making something for yourself that meets all your own expectations, there are plenty of reasons to forgo just buying a house off the market, pair up with a custom home builder and build the home of your dreams. Here are just a few of those reasons:

First of all, you will build more equity in your investment if you build a home rather than buy one. Instead of going for a finished project which has already had all its pieces chosen and is now being sold for top dollar, you will be able to decide in which parts of it you want to save money, and on which other parts you want to go all out and buy the best. In this way not only will your home be more appropriate for you, but your money will be better spent and provide more value to you over all.

Second, you avoid the problems that other people are running away from. If a home is being sold by someone else, they may have perfectly valid reasons for doing so, but always, always, there is something that they are glad to be leaving behind. That something is what you are now stepping into for a good long time, and no matter how great and fantastic you house off the market may look to you, you will always have that small and nagging fear of finding something wrong that was not apparent at first. With a custom built home, you are with the project from the beginning, and even if something does turn out to be not the best in the world, at least you will know about it, and have no nasty surprises down the road.

Third, style is important. I don't care how pragmatic or frugal you say you are - everybody has a need for their own style. It's very common to see someone who has committed to buying a ready-built home to ultimately settle for something that they had not pictured at first, in order to get a "deal" in their purchase of a home, or because it's the only house that is even available in the area they want to live in. With a custom-built home you are not only making sure your purchase goes to something perfectly suited to you, but you can even go for something eccentric or quirky if that's what you're into, like for example a geodesic design home, or a self-heating, or solar-powered, or ultra-high-tech home.

Last but not least, you can lay out everything just how you want it. We all consider ourselves to have the same standards of value as other people, but do we really? The reality is that different people have very, very different ideas of what a quality life is about even to the smallest details. For example, you might like to have your bedroom be right next to the living room and meeting places so that are always in the middle of what's going on with your family. Or you might like your bedroom to be downstairs instead of upstairs, because you might be elderly and not want to climb the stairs that much, while the rest of your family lives upstairs. You might also like your bedroom to be as far from any other room that might have people in it as possible, for the peace and quiet. These are all arrangements you can easily make reality by building a home that suits you perfectly, and a home that will stay with you forever.